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SCREW CONNECTION : This is the most popular of all known methods of connection. Screw connection
refers to any connection in which the conductor is stripped of its insulation and clamped without any
special preparation. Klemsan screw clamp system is built in protection against loosening. When the
screw is tightened, the resultant pressure pulls apart both halves of the clamping yoke. This generates a
particularly high locking action on the screw. These clamping systems provide excellent vibration

PYK is the newest technology in the spring clamp connection type; it provides users with fast and secure
connection. Cable is connected to the terminal just by pushing-in, without the need to use a
screwdriver. PYK is suitable for applications with or without end-sleeves. All you need to do is to push
the cable into the cable hole to make the connection. If needed, cable can be released easily by using a
screwdriver. PYK series has a faster and easier montage advantage compared to AVK and YBK series.
Cross connection for PYK is the same standard push-in type cross connectors used for YBK and AVK RD
series. By this means user has the flexibility in using the cross connections. Marking tags used for PYK
series can be the standard labels and the outputs of thermal printer or plotter machines as well. User
can design, group or code the marking tags at his/her will by using thermal printers or plotters.

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