“LSNM” Series NEMA Contactors

The LSNM series NEMA rated contactor line has been designed for industrial duty and with reliability in mind. Rated for inductive loads up to 300 Amps or 200 Hp @ 460V, EEC can offer the suitable contactor for your application. Customers who are used to specifying contactors (and starters), by a particular NEMA Size (size 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5), now can use the EEC LSNM series, NEMA rated contactors. Customers get the ease of choosing the product, the reliability of EEC quality, and still get the sophisticated arc quenching techniques to reduce excess heat on the contacts. Given their compact footprints, LSNM contactors allow total panel space optimization, with only a few compact frame sizes from 5 to 200 Hp @ 575 V. Reducing inventory is a “snap” with LSNM’s common accessories. For example, side mounted auxiliary contact blocks are the same from 5 to 200 Hp @ 575 V. 


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