“LSN” Series Contactors

The LSN general-purpose contactor series offers a wide array of power devices, accessories, and enclosures to give you greater design versatility. Rated for inductive loads up to 560A or 500hp @ 575VAC (AC-3), EEC’s LSN series can offer the most suitable contactor for your application. The LSN series contactors allow panel space optimization, with only a few compact frame sizes from 7.5hp to 500hp @ 575VAC. With commonality designs for the LSN series accessories, the LSN series offers simplified inventory requirements, while maintaining the necessary items required for every day use. An example of the LSN’s flexibility is with its side mount auxiliary contacts (HBXS11), which is suitable for use throughout the entire LSN series range. Designed to meet growing demands expected from modern IEC frame contactors, the LSN series has been designed with extended mechanical and electrical cycles, offer dependable switching and a longer lifespan in even the most heavy-duty applications.

The LSN Series adhere to UL508, CSA 22.2 #14 (USA and Canada), as well as IEC 60947 and CE approvals.


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