“KET” Series – UL508 Enclosed Type – NEMA 4/12 Metal

Katko is a Finnish family business specialising in safety switches, load break switches and fused switches with more than 70 years of experience. Not all safety and load break switches on the market come from specialised manufacturers by any means, and that is precisely why we are so proud of ours. We design and manufacture every product ourselves in our own factories. The challenging  Finnish climate creates a basis for developing switches that work in all conditions across the globe. Switches without compromises. This is what we at Katko think, as did the generations before us.

KATKO & EEC have been Canadian partners since 2010. With the continuously expanding product offer provided by Katko and EEC’s service driven philosophy. The two companies have taken the Canadian sales from a meager couple hundred units per year to thousands of units of all varieties. With EEC’s Assembly Division helping to produce the KET, KEA and KER series in Canada.