UL1077 & UL489 Type – 480VAC Rated – Up to 63A

    Our UL489 and UL1077 MCB’s provide several advantages which are important to OEMs
    and global players in the electrical contractors market.

    These include:

    • Small, compact size
    • Easy installation on DIN-rails
    • Limits let through current
    • Resetability, more convenient than fuses
    • Electrical auxiliaries for control and status information
    • Extensive variety of accessories
    • Better protection – supplementary protectors and miniature circuit breakers limit let through current, providing faster separation of the component from the fault, thereby reducing system damage.
    • More selection – More ratings compatible with lowpower electronic circuits are available in the range from 0.5 to 10 A.
    • Reduction of nuisance tripping – Available with different trip characteristics to meet the system needs: B, C and D curves, depending on the model.
    • Simple installation – The products mount easily onto a 35 mm DIN mounting rail.
    • Reverse feeding – Reverse feeding of line power is permitted.
    • Reliability – Each miniature circuit breaker has an endurance of 10000 operation cycles and voltage withstand of 6000V impulse rating.

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