“BE” Series – Electronic Overloads

    EEC’s BE series of electronic overload relays are designed to be combined with contactors to assemble motor starters. The BE series is meant to assure increased reliability for protection of low voltage three-phase electric motors in sinusoidal 50/60 Hz networks where reliability, low power dissipation and ease maintenance management are mandatory.

    The BE series overload relay has no power contacts and cannot disconnect the motor by itself. Motor overloads or phase failures increase the motor current. This current increase trips the mechanism and switches the auxiliary contacts.

    The auxiliary contacts, when properly wired in series with the coil of the contactor will de-energize the contactor when an overload occurs. Thus, the contactor disconnects the power to the motor and stops its operation. The bimetallic thermal overload relays have thermal memory. Once tripped, the relay will not reset until it has cooled down, allowing the motor to cool before it can be re-started.

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    BE Series Overloads

    BE18…55 Manual

    BE90…160 Manual